The merging of countries and markets is one of the main reasons why a multilingual company presentation has become the basis for today's international course of business. The globalisation provides significant advantages, as it enables us to provide our products and services to a much broader customer base. However, to ensure long-term success, it is essential to create professional public perception. Thus, a company which operates in several market segments should pay attention to correct translations of their business documents.

ÜEB mainly focuses on small and medium-sized businesses that think beyond national borders and are open-minded about their first steps in the field of foreign trade. Since English and German are the mostly commonly used languages in the internet, a bilingual company presentation forms the basis for boundless attention.

I do not only assist you with the translation of your business documents, but also with the correspondence of your foreign partners or customers. It is a pleasure for me to be of assistance to you in any matter of foreign trade.

You are a private person looking for assistance in translating private documents? Do not hesitate to contact me, since I also carry out general translations.

I look forward to accompanying you on your way to international success.

Yours sincerely, Nicole Baumann